Druk White Tara Hall Fundraising Lottery Winners

Druk White Tara Hall Fundraising Lottery Winners

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Drukpa Australia heartily congratulates the lucky winners for the fundraising lottery draw held on Oct 17, 2021 at Lake Monger Recreation Club, Western Australia.

Please refer the winning tickets and their prizes in the table given below.

The Second and Third winners are apparently from Perth and we urge the winners to contact our Raffle Coordinator @0424 561 233 to arrange your prize collection. The winners from other parts of Australia and across other parts of world will be contacted as soon as possible. The Coordinators, on the behalf of Drukpa Australia is very thankful to the community- in Perth and others parts of Australia, Drukpa Singapore, Drukpa USA, Drukpa Malaysia, and Drukpa Vietnam- all of whom are connected by the blessings of Jetsuen Drolma.


Winner Tickets Prize $ Status
First – 2420 $20,000 Claimed
Second – 0133 $5,000 Claimed
Third – 2919 $1,000 Claimed
Consolation 1 – 0548 $100 Claimed
Consolation 2 – 2730 $100 Claimed
Consolation 3 – 1427 $100 Claimed
Consolation 4 – 2994 $100 Claimed
Consolation 5 – 2722 $100 Claimed