Currently, situated inside a residential house in Yokine, the White Tara Centre has served many thousands of community members who come to heal their sickness, elevate longevity through teachings, prayers and meditation, and those who seek to farewell their beloved ones. Although it continues to benefit the community on a daily basis, it is not suitable to organise large public congregations, meditation, religious functions and rituals. Drukpa Australia and it’s volunteers are now seeking to establish a permanent hall for the White Tara in Perth, Western Australia, to extend its services. This will be done either through purchase of an existing structure or by buying a suitable vacant land and building on it.


Majority of Drukpa Australia members and devotees are hardworking immigrants from diverse cultural backgrounds such from the Himalayan countries (Bhutan, India, and Nepal), Vietnam, and Malaysia and reside primarily in and around the City of Stirling, City of Vincent, City of Bayswater, City of Belmont, City of South Perth, and City of Canning, among others.

As the proposed Druk White Tara Hall intends to benefit the core of its devotees, the Committee has decided to establish the Hall within the City of Stirling.

Option 1: Purchase an existing property.

  1. Property
  2. Maintenance and re-design
  3. Real-estate fees
  4. Other government fees/charges

Option 2: Buy and build.

  1. Land – ~1,000 sq meters
  2. Structure (one-storey hall with a ability to go up 2 more levels.
  3. Car park for 20 cars
  4. Real-estate fees
  5. Other government fees/charges

Our primary fundraising will be through crowd funding using several digital platforms and by organising fundraising events such as raffles, dinners, and sale of religious materials.

As we are seeking a large amount of money, it is expected to take at least 12 months to raise the required amount of at least AU$ 3 million. Our timeline is as follows but is subject to change depending on how the funds come in:
1. Start

  1. Launch fundraising project – April 17, 2021
  2. Launch fundraising raffle – April 17, 2021
  3. Promote and encourage members and devotees to buy raffle tickets early

2. Intermediate

  1. Continue promotion and sale of raffle tickets
  2. Ask for donations from the community
  3. Raffle draw – October 17, 2021
  4. Quarterly review of funds raised and review ideas

3. End

  1. Thank Sponsors
  2. Initiate the establishment of Druk White Tara Hall – February 2022.

The fundraising will be operated by the Drukpa Australia Management Committee consisting of 17 members led by Dr Khandu, as President and assisted by Chhimi Wangchuk as Treasurer.

Other members include Tenzin Norbu from Melbourne, Kuenzang Tobgay from Canberra, Sonam Lhaki (Office of Gyalwa Dokhampa) and any additions that the Drukpa Australia management committee seeks to include along the fundraising journey

Project Fundraiser Flyers