As part of voluntary services to the community, Drukpa Australia is introducing a program for young Bhutanese aged 8 years – 14 years in Perth. The program will be run in small group formats weekly at the DA center and will be led and facilitated by volunteers who are experienced and qualified counsellors in collaboration with the Spiritual mentors of Drukpa Australia. Formal supervision and evaluation protocols will be in place to support the process and progress of the program.


Provide a safe and supportive environment to meet the psycho-social, emotional, cultural, educational, and extra-curricular needs of the Bhutanese young people.

Engage young minds in understanding and appreciating their cultural identities as they navigate through a rich multicultural society

Enhance social and interpersonal skills that come from sharing harmonious relationship with oneself, others, and the environment.

Provide an avenue to practice mindfulness and meditation which enhances attention and memory in young people.



There is something special about living away from home, the journey of international migration is richer and complex for individuals, families, and communities across the globe. An increasing number of Bhutanese families have travelled to Australia joining the hub of diverse multicultural communities in Australia. Migrant families experience distinct transitional issues in their journey of integration and adaptation in a foreign land while at the same time seeking to hold on to their valuable cultural frames. There is a constant undercurrent of fear that the younger generation might lose their cultural values. While children can be most agile to learn new ways of making sense of their world, they often can get caught up in a tug of war between the old ways taught to them by their parents and the presenting contemporary meaning frames emerging in Australia.

At its core, this program is primarily about engaging in learning about the self, culture and becoming, about coming home to a sense of self that is grounded in appreciation. Appreciation of one’s culture comes from honoring its meaning and value to befit times. Now more than ever, there is a need and a great opportunity for us as Bhutanese adults to attempt to create a range of possibilities for our young Bhutanese minds. We owe it to them.



Register your child/children

So, if you think your child/children could learn and you can contribute, join us as we co-create a vibrant community for the future generations of Bhutanese in Perth.